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Magerbach 4
6425 Haiming

Kaiserstraße 25
6382 Kirchdorf

Rafting Abenteuer Erlebnis
Rafting Wildwasser


Experience the beauty and power of water, brawling rapids and impressive canyons in the middle of the Alps. A team challenge like in a washing machine!

A pure team challenge because everyone is in the same boat together.


We equip you with everything you need for a Rafting-trip:

  • wetsuit and neoprene shoes
  • helmet
  • boyancy aid
  • a paddle (of course!!)

You only have to bring along bathing clothes and a happy face!

Tours & Costs

There is everything an adventurous heart is craving for, from easy to extreme.

  • Tyrolian River
    Ideal for families or companies. In the Leuken valley in the Kitzbühel Alps, from Kirchdorf through the marvellous Entenloch gorge to Schleching in Bavaria.
    Cost: € 49,- (Mo-Fr)
  • Imst Gorge
    The most beautiful wildwater of the Alps! From Imst to Haiming powerful rapids and mighty waves await you. It's an intermediate rafting section (ww III) with possibilities to jump into the river and swim through the waves.
    Cost: € 47,- (Mo-Fr) - € 52,- (Sa, Su & public holidays)
  • Ötztal River
    The real challenge for the team and the guide! Demanding from the first paddle stroke onwards, this river requires everything from you (ww IV). That's why we don't recommend this trip for people without any rafting experience. Also you should know how to swim!
    Cost: € 70,- (Mo-Fr) - € 75,- (Sa, Su & public holidays)
  • Combination Imst&Ötz
    For everyone who wants to master the Ötztal River, but have no experience on wildwater yet or it's way back. Get the feeling for it on the Imst Gorge, improve your skills and confidence, so that the Ötztal River is going to be a full success. Combine the two rivers on one day, with a little break in between or spread it over a weekend. Your choice.
    Cost: € 110,- (Mo-Fr) - € 120,- (Sa, Su & public holidays)
  • Power-Rafting
    You want to get closer to the waves? The Powr-Raft is like the motorcycle of rafts! Allthough some might lovingly call it a 'nutshell', it enforces the experience Rafting. The shorter distance to the water surface and the smaller boat make the waves and rapids seem even bigger and mightier.
    Cost: starts from € 59,- (Mo-Fr) - € 64,- (Sa, Su & public holidays)
  • Canoeing
    Make your own way and steer yourself! With the inflatable canoe you can master the river as two or three people per boat without a guide on board.
    Of course you are never alone! A safety boat will be at your side at all times to support you in case you need it.
    Cost: starts from € 42,‍‍‍- (Mo-Fr) -  € 47,- (Sa, Su & public holidays)